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From leading workshops that light a fire in K-12 students to spearheading campaigns that shake up the status quo, Valerie is the force to reckon with. With over a decade of diverse expertise spanning marketing, nonprofit management, public speaking, teaching, digital training, administration, and youth empowerment, Valerie infuses each endeavor with a contagious enthusiasm and profound depth of insight. She has developed a proven track record of success in devising and executing strategic communications, forging partnerships, and making all things youth empowerment accessible, engaging, and impactful.


Be it a gathering of six or a stadium packed with 60,000, Valerie's dedication to children's rights is evident in her leadership of social justice workshops, curriculum design, and current research. Valerie has engaged thousands of K-12 students globally, instilling in them a sense of agency and activism. Her collaborative approach and knack for cultivating partnerships have been instrumental in driving impactful initiatives, whether it's facilitating scholarship programs or orchestrating large-scale campaigns for social change. 

With a Bachelor's in Education Advocacy and a Master's in Children's Rights, Valerie is a Harry S. Truman Scholar, and Point Foundation Scholar. Her dedication to championing children's rights has earned her prestigious accolades, including the National Jefferson Award of Public Service, the L'Oréal Paris Woman of Worth Award, and the Princess Diana Award from former UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Previously, Valerie was a member of the Harvard Graduate School of Education Advisory Board and served as the U.S. Delegate for Fora (formerly G(irls)20). Notably, two of Valerie's policy proposals for female equity in the workforce were highlighted in the official G20 Declaration.

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