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As the fourth generation of my family to live in Brooklyn, 
I grew up on egg creams: the NYC delicacy of seltzer, milk, and chocolate or vanilla syrup. Together, it takes like the bottom of an ice cream float (arguably the best part). Now, I run Egghead's, a passion project that offers the classic egg cream flavors and artisan options that put a spin on the traditional drink, like strawberry, lavender, orange dreamsicle, pistachio, and more. 

Whether it's a market, a birthday party, or just because you're craving this delicious drink, I'd be honored to bring Egghead's to you! I can focus on the classics, bring out our artisan flavors, or design one just for you and your occasion. Breakfast bar? Cereal milk egg cream coming up. Paint and sip? Every egg cream of the rainbow. Let's collaborate to bring some inner child fun to your day!

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